Ферма Шайен - Ясна поляна

About bio farm Shayen

fermta-about-usFarm Shayen, begins its activity in 2012 in Yasna Polyana, Primorsko Municipality, Burgas Region. It starts with a small piece of land in the outskirts of the village, growing fruit and vegetables with only one small tractor. Little by little, they buy machines to ease and improve the work on the field. Now, they have a large set of machines for ground treatment. The farm cultivates and grows 6 acres of pepper, 12 decares of watermelons, 3 decares of garden tomatoes, aubergines, hot peppers and other vegetables which are traditional for the Bulgarian cuisine and for the winter food preparation. All the production is gradually being established in the market with its high quality and taste. This is why the farm has no problems with the placement of its produce. The people from Yasna Polyana and the surrounding cities and villages buy with enthusiasm the fruit and vegetables /melons and watermelons/ so this way they stimulate the farm to continue with the producing of even more quality products year after year.

Since 2017, Farm Shayen, in an effort to diversify its activities, has begun to develop rural and horse tourism. Today, the farm has 3 adult horses. It offers everyone to feel the charm of the Bulgarian village and its nature while being with the noble animals - the horses.

Now, there are 4 people who work in Farm Shayen, employed in agricultural work and in the summer season, the farm hires more people from the surrounding area.

One of Farm Shayen's future goals is to establish its name as an example of quality, to expand its business and to popularize the Bulgarian village and the horse tourism, as well.