Bio Aronia berry wine

5,00 лв each за 1 литър


Bio Aronia berry wine for sale made in Shayen farm, Yasna Polyana, near to Primorsko.

100% aronia berry wine which gives you many benefits for your health! Order from farm Shayen and enjoy!

Description: Farm Shayen offers a licensed 100% aronia wine on the Bulgarian market directly from the manufacturer! Pack of 10 liters of wine = 35 lv.

Suitable for diabetics and people with thyroid disease!
Aronia has many benefits, some of which are:

1. Tasty source of antioxidants
2. Fight against cardiovascular diseases and maintain high blood pressure in the norm
3. Fruits of the aronia contain iodine and phenolic carbonic acids that treat thyroid diseases
4. Helps urinary tract health
5. Antiseptic properties - a powerful tool for fighting influenza prevents viral and bacterial infections, relieves bronchitis. High in iodine - affects baby growth as well as iodine deficiency (endemic goiter).
6. Fighting with parasites, bacteria and viruses, helping to speed up flu and colds
7. It has an anti-radication effect - needed for computer users, mobile phone users, telemaniacs, and other radiation conditions.
8. Powerful antioxidant and mutagenic effect - 3 to 5 times stronger than other vitamins A, C, E. It destroys the free harmful radicals that damage the cell membrane and change the normal cell composition. It can be successfully used in the complex of measures to combat cancer.
9. Toning effect: increases the life force of the organism.

Order along with 100% cold pressed apple juice and mix - apple and aronia juice!

100% aronia juice is produced by our partner and friend - Family Bulgarian Farm Garden Ltd. It grows 30 acres of aronia and 30 decares of apple garden on the outskirts of the town of Byala, Rousse region! With the name of Shayen Farm, we guarantee the quality and taste of the juices! Aronia wine for sale from Shayen Farm is the best choice you can make!