Bio Apple juice

7,50 лв each за 3 литра


Bio Apple juice for sale in Bulgaria made in Shayen farm, Yasna Polyana village, near to Primorsko.

The apple is one of the most popular fruits in the world! It is recommended to consume apples every day due to the many health benefits they have.

Of course, many young people and adults prefer to take the vitamins of this fruit in the form of fruit juice!

Farm Cheyenne with the assistance of Farm Garden offer you 100% apple juice with no added water, sugar and preservatives!

Apple juice is the only one that can be combined with vegetable juices. Vegetables and fruits' decomposition is into various enzymes and therefore they should not be mixed. An exception is the apple that gives a pleasant sweet taste to the vegetable juice!

The pectin from the juice is very good for the intestinal activity. The apple juice can be drunk in large quantities up to 1 liter per day.

The juice is made from cold pressed apples from the garden of the family farm GARDEN, Byala, Rousse.

ORDER IT TOGETHER WITH THE MIX APPLE AND ARONIA JUICE as well as the 100% curative juice from ARONIA.