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Yasna Polyana - Events and Holidays

Yasna Polyana is a center with a very rich spirit and culture. A place where traditions and events are celebrated.

One of the largest and most famous are:

1. Traditional Event - The meeting in Yasna Polyana is held under the patronage of the Saints Constantine and Elena. It is always the first week of June. A rich concert program and folk struggle are being prepared.

2. National Symposium on Sculpture in Wood - The Symposium in Yasna Polyana is held always from July 12th to July 31st. This year will be a 35 years anniversary since the creation and 30th edition. Participants in the event are well-known artists approved by the Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA) and funded by Primorsko Municipality. Within 20 days, the masters of the chisel under Strandzha Mountain's wind and the feeling of the sea breeze, sculpt unique works that adorn Yasna Polyana and Primorsko Municipality.

3. Children's art trip of the arts - in parallel with the symposium, children's art trip is held in July. The aim of the art trip is to engage and educate children in love for the art of painting. Teachers - artists are taking care of the children.

4. Celebration of the church - Every year on August 15th, the feast of our church "Assumption of the Virgin" is celebrated. The celebration passes with a special liturgy for health to all the inhabitants.

5. Museum exposition of the Bulgarian Yasna Polyana - On September 15th, 1998 the museum exposition in Yasna Polyana, was discovered personally by the great-grandson of Lev Tolstoy - Vladimir Tolstoy. In it are displayed both pictures, belongings, works of the Russian writer as well as many pictures, letters, of the Bulgarian Tolstores who lived from 1906 to 1908. in Alan Kayriak / the old name of Yasna Polyana /. Over the years, the interest in the exhibition increased with times for both Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

The Bulgarian customs are also held by kukeri, lazarki and koledari. All official and national Bulgarian holidays are also celebrated.