Красотата на Ясна поляна

Yasna Polyana - the village

Yasna Polyana is an old but modern village, located only 10km away from the summer resort town Primorsko, whose beach stripes are one of the longest and the most beautiful on the whole Bulgarian Black Sea coast. From the village to the beach of Primorsko you can go with a car for about 10 minutes or around 30 minutes by a bicycle, although there is no separate bicycle band, this could be part of one future project of the municipality for the development of the infrastructure of its settlements. The village itself is situated in Strandja Mountain. Near the village there is a dam, eco-trails, numerous places with spring water, good for picnics in the nature of Strandja Mountain. As in every village and in Yasna Polyana, much of the population's jobs are agriculture and livestock. In the village there are several farms for cows and sheep.

The beauty of Yasna Polyana

The combination of an authentic yet modern Bulgarian village and the close location to the sea make Yasna Polyana a place with a unique opportunity for practicing modern rural and summer tourism. Farm Shayen is proud of that!

Along with its unique location, Yasna Polyana is proud of its cultural activity over the years! There is the only Bulgarian museum of the great Russian writer Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy in Yasna Polyana. At the beginning of the 20th century in Yasna Polyana arrive tormentors / followers of the writer / seeking a place to practice the Tolstritic ideas for a simple life of equality, freedom and universal love. They were accepted by the mayor of the village at that time, thus establishing their own Tolstoy communes, preaching the writer's ideas. It is believed that Tolstoy dies on the way to the Bulgarian Yasna Polyana.